TrueAllele Helps Free Innocent Indiana Man After 24 Years in Prison

— New computer analysis of old DNA data proves his innocence —

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Darryl Pinkins spent 24 punishing years in an Indiana prison for a crime
he did not commit. Today he is a free man. New TrueAllele® computer
of old DNA data proved that Pinkins and his codefendants
were innocent.

Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter accepted the TrueAllele science,
and vacated Pinkins’ conviction. Yesterday’s DNA hearing was cancelled.
Instead, Pinkins was released
from prison

In 1989, 5 men raped a motorist after bumping her car. Pinkins and
others were misidentified as attackers through stolen clothing. Pinkins
was convicted of rape in 1991, and sentenced to 65 years in prison. The
bump-and-rape crimes continued.

In 2014, Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin re-examined the DNA data pro
using TrueAllele technology. He assisted long-time Pinkins
champions Indiana
University Law
Professor Frances Watson and Idaho
Innocence Project
Director Greg Hampikian.

Subjective human interpretation looks at simple DNA mixtures. But
artificial intelligence can transcend human limitations. Besides the
victim, TrueAllele found 5 unidentified genotypes in semen and hair. 3
were brothers. The defendants were not in the DNA.

“So much more can be done with DNA to find the truth,” said Dr. Perlin.
“Flawed DNA analysis keeps innocents in jail and leaves victims without
justice. It was tragic that failed DNA methods ignored the evidence,
inflicting so much needless suffering on these men and their families
for so many years.”

The Indiana State Police now have TrueAllele information to search CODIS
and find the true assailants. TrueAllele can help exonerate codefendant Roosevelt
, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 17 years. After 24 years,
Darryl Pinkins rejoins his 84 year-old mother, his grown children, and
friends and family. The TrueAllele has set him free.

objective TrueAllele technology thoroughly interprets complex DNA.
TrueAllele is accurate
and reliable,
and has been used in most states for hundreds of cases.
The company provides computer products and expert services.
Cybergenetics offers free TrueAllele screening of DNA evidence.


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