Ultimate Trade Group Announces “World Smart Veterans”

ENCINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ultimate Trade, a consulting, speaking and training firm, announces the
release of “World Smart Veterans,” an e-book that helps veterans
transition into civilian life by guiding them through the necessary
steps of finding international trade jobs in the U.S.

More than 1.5 million post-war veterans have found themselves in the
U.S. post-9/11. They join 2.5 million Gulf War-era veterans who entered
back into the civilian world without any assistance. These vets all face
similar challenges, including unemployment and homelessness. When it
comes to finding employment, the biggest hurdle they experience is
matching their skills, education and training from the military field to
appropriate civilian jobs. Vets deserve to be seen and understood by
potential global business employers who can appreciate their unique
skill sets, values and discipline.

Dr. Leonard Wong, a research professor at the U.S. Army War College
Strategic Studies Institute, points out in his work that “junior
officers are being developed into creative, innovative, and independent
leaders.” For employers who are looking to find and mold great leaders,
they should realize that veterans are the perfect candidates. Dr. Wong
attributes vets’ unique ability to stand out in the workplace to the
ambiguous, complex, and unpredictable environment of post-war Iraq. This
environment (albeit on a much smaller scale) is similar to how small and
mid-sized businesses operate in the U.S. for many reasons. Some reasons
why a veteran would be a great fit in any U.S. business include (but
aren’t limited to): their capacity to make fast decisions on the front
line, their diverse outlook and ability to speak multiple languages, and
their commitment to quality.

World Smart Veterans” provides veterans with the resources,
tips, and opportunities they need to incorporate the skills and
experience they acquired in the military, and it will ultimately end up
leading to many vets becoming global entrepreneurs or international
trade professionals in the U.S.

For more information about “World Smart Vets”, please visit www.goglobaltowin.com
or call 818-708-9571.

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