Wilsonart Introduces 29 New Contract Laminate Designs

Trends behind the 2016 collection fall under the mantra of
“Evolution, not revolution”

TEMPLE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Organic growth and the beauty of natural and gradual change influenced
the latest introductions to the ever-evolving Contract Laminate
Collection by Wilsonart,
a leading manufacturer of decorative engineered surfaces for 60 years.

“Revolution is a provocative thing. But this type of sudden, forced
change is not always the most attractive option when it comes to
design,” said Natalia Smith, product design manager, Wilsonart. “Natural
and gradual maturation invited by evolution is much more desirable when
it comes to building a collection that will resonate with any design
story. This collection celebrates the infusion of old and new, evoking
comfort and familiarity the most beautiful, natural way.”

The trends behind the 2016 Wilsonart® Contract
Laminate Collection inspired two
brand new finish textures

  • #16 Casual Rustic. A woodgrain texture with a blend of grain
    variations ranging from linear to subtle movement with random,
    irregular features. The overall low gloss surface is accented with
    higher sheen woodgrain ticking and random highlights. Casual Rustic
    addresses the trends we see towards more casual and low sheen textural
    elements and gloss levels seen on woodgrains.
  • #28 Gloss Line. A linear woodgrain texture with varied widths
    of narrow grain structures in an alternating mix of matte and gloss
    surface areas. Gloss Line supports linear qualities that continue to
    trend in woodgrain designs, and also for abstractions that can imply a
    wood look.

We relate to things that feel familiar, that we
recognize. Expanding classics in modern ways brings a fresh approach,
but allows them to remain comfortable and relevant.

  • Rugged Linen (4989-38). A contemporary linen look in auburn and
    light brown.
  • Flax Linen (4990-38). A golden background with cream colored
    warp and weft “threads.”
  • Pressed Linen (4991-38). A sophisticated woven look in cool
    silver tones.
  • Tailored Linen (4992-38). A refined, dusty blue linen look.
  • Irish Linen (4993-38). An elegant pistachio green linen look.

All of the Linen designs come in the Standard #38 Fine Velvet Texture

Images and patterns are prized for their
subtle quality at first glance, but curiosity commands further
explorations of the nuances and graphic beauty hidden within. Looking
closer is more important than ever.

  • High Rise (4996-38). A sophisticated linear abstract in hushed
    neutrals of beige, grey and white.
  • Low Line (7998K-18). A dark-colored wood look with a
    straight-grained design in cool grey and charcoal.
  • Phantom Pearl (8211K-28). A subtle woodgrain effect in a
    soothing overall cool white color.
  • Phantom Ecru (8212K-28). A soft gold color with a subtle
    woodgrain effect.
  • Phantom Cocoa (8213K-28). An overall warm brown color with a
    subtle woodgrain effect.
  • Phantom Charcoal (8214K-28). A subtle woodgrain effect in a
    versatile charcoal color.

The Phantom designs come in the new Premium #28 Gloss Line finish.

We appreciate the beauty in things
imperfect, impermanent and incomplete, as they are modest and humble.
These designs are made to admire; not analyze and not fix.

  • Weathered Char (8204K-16). Artisan elements and aged warm grey
    tones draw you in to look closer at this subtle planked wood.
  • Ebony Char (8205K-16). A unique subtle planked look in a dark,
    rich overall color with silver highlights.

These two Char designs feature the new Premium #16 Casual Rustic finish.

  • Fired Steel (4994-60). An interpretation of an aged and
    distressed metal in natural rust and brown tones.
  • Forged Steel (4995-60). An aged and distressed look with the
    character and style found in raw metal.

These two Steel designs feature a #60 Matte finish.

  • White Driftwood (8200K-16). A warm, bleached pine with
    distressed straight grain and occasional knots.

Pattern, texture and design are perfectly
combined with extraordinary depth and characteristic interest. Texture
is an increasingly important part of the process, rather than an

  • Veranda Teak (8209K-28). A stylish linear wood look in pale
    shades of brown.
  • Portico Teak (8210K-28). A consistent linear grain in shades of
    cool silver brown with dark streaks.

The Teak designs feature the new Premium #28 Gloss Line finish.

  • Field Elm (7999K-12). A straight grain intermingled with subtle
    cathedrals in an overall light neutral color.
  • Grey Elm (8201K-12). A straight grain intermingled with refined
    cathedrals in taupe and blonde.

The Elm designs feature a Premium #12 SoftGrain finish.

  • Saddle Oak (8206K-16). A large-scale planked oak with
    distinctive characteristics in a natural dark patina.
  • Branded Oak (8207K-16). A genuine, rustic wood look with
    large-scale planks and a rich tan color.

The Oak designs feature the new Premium #16 Casual Rustic finish.

The legacy of the industrial revolution
continues to grow and evolve through the maker movement, merging
traditional crafts, industrial innovations and creative repurposing.

  • Fawn Cypress (8208K-16). A balanced mix of straight grain with
    cathedrals in brown and light gold.
  • Henna Vesta (4978K-07). A medium-scale abstract resembling
    packed stone with copper and brown particulates.
  • Ink Vesta (4979K-07). A medium-scale abstract resembling packed
    stone with grey, black and brown particulates.
  • Leche Vesta (4987K-07). A medium-scale quartz look with grey
    and black particulates.
  • Mercury Vesta (4988K-07). A medium-scale quartz look with grey,
    taupe and black particulates.

The Vesta designs come in the Premium #07 Textured Gloss finish.

  • Light Oak Ply (8202K-28). An industrial plywood edge look in
    narrow linear strips of warm light and medium tones of oak.
  • Silver Oak Ply (8203K-28). An industrial plywood edge look in
    variegated strips of cool silver oak tones.

The Oak Ply designs feature the new Premium #28 Gloss Line finish.

Rounding out the product
, Wilsonart offers all promoted (or standard) solid colors in
any of its surface textures. Premium pricing applies. Reference Pattern
Availability for each product design for complete details and lead
times; some size limitations by finish applies.

For more information about Wilsonart products, visit www.wilsonart.com
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