Wright & Wright Publishers Releases World War II Civilian Secretary Memoir of War Years in Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor: One Year Later is the recently published
World War II memoir that is destined to become an important addition to
wartime literature

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BerwynIL–This memoir of World War II is the true story of a young woman from
Berwyn, Illinois who left her studies at the University of Wisconsin,
hired on as a civilian government employee, and moved to wartime Hawaii
to work at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard and Kaneohe Naval Air Station
during the darkest days of the war in the Pacific.

The author is Carol Frenzen, who writes: “I know now that I was part of
what Tom Brokaw has termed ‘The Greatest Generation.’ This is history,
as it never again will be experienced. Every day I worked in Pearl
Harbor for the Navy’s Planning Section and at Kaneohe as the secretary
for a Naval commander at IFCHA was a link to the end of the war.”

Ms. Frenzen was also a correspondent to her hometown newspaper, The
Berwyn Beacon
; copies of her columns about the local soldiers who
visited her and her husband at their house in the foothills of Diamond
Head are included in the book.

Now, the members of this wartime generation are dying off. Pearl
will help the generations that follow to understand what
happened in the lives of a young married couple as they witnessed the
onslaught of war.

“Life gives us many choices,” Ms. Frenzen writes. “Some of our choices
are good, and some are … well, not so good. Whether we know it or not,
we’re always standing at the crossroads. There’s a telling quote from
New York Yankees Manager Yogi Berra, who once famously said, ‘When you
come to a fork in the road, take it.’ And I did. Some choices turned out
well and some were mistakes, but all choices contributed to the life
I’ve lived.”

The audience for this book includes WWII history buffs, fellow members
of The Greatest Generation, and readers who appreciate the
contradictions and mysteries inherent in life.

About the Author

has lived in Illinois, Hawaii, California, and now
Colorado, where she moved to Glenwood Springs in the 1970s. She is the
author of multiple magazine and newspaper articles. Pearl Harbor: One
Year Later
is her first non-fiction book.

About the Publisher

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is where adult readers will find thrills
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Large trade paperback. Size: 8.5 x 11”. Perfect binding. 92 pages with
black & white and color photos. Includes copies of original newspaper
columns. Price: $12.99. ISBN: 978-0-9960478-1-4

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