Noticias de poverty

Raising the minimum wage

English | 23 de Julio 2014
It has been five years since the last federal minimum wage increase. In 2009, the country was still experiencing major job losses (... )

Dignified work

English | 01 de Mayo 2014
During the recent debate in the Senate about raising the minimum wage, an incongruous claim—supposedly to defend minorities—stood out, (... )

There are more jobs, but…

English | 28 de Abril 2014
The news on the economic recovery is mixed. One very good piece of news is that the number of jobs created already surpasses those (... )

A decent salary is the option

English | 14 de Enero 2014
Rubio’s proposal to replace the EITC with a federal subsidy is a bad idea Senator Marco Rubio’s idea to replace the Earned Income Tax (... )

A war to be continued

English | 08 de Enero 2014
The War on Poverty that began 50 years ago launched important federal programs that helped millions of Americans improve their quality (... )