Noticias de teachers

‘Vergara’ offers an opportunity

English | 08 de Septiembre 2014
Teachers need job protections against potential abuse from their supervisors, and students have the right to have reasonably competent (... )

A Defeat for Students

English | 11 de Octubre 2013
What does it take to change state laws, simplify the current complex system, and allow a district to sanction and fire a teacher (... )

Going after Deasy

English | 13 de Julio 2013
With elections now over, you’d think that changes in the LA Unified School Board would have brought a truce in the District in (... )

Good idea at LAUSD

English | 08 de Abril 2013
The proposal calls for professional investigators to conduct internal investigations

Nightmare legislation

English | 25 de Agosto 2012
The proposed AB 5 legislation, authored by Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, is an effort by the teacher’s union to make every aspect (... )