Choosing a baby outfit for your child’s christening

So, you want to dress your little cherub for his or her christening, and you need just the right baby…
Choosing a baby outfit for your child’s christening
Foto: Photo by Julie, Dave & Family via CCL

So, you want to dress your little cherub for his or her christening, and you need just the right baby outfit for the big event. Christenings are special events in any family’s lives, but as a Hispanic it’s especially important because this is performed in full attendance of su familia where everyone will share in your special day and will be able to see the beautiful gown your baby will be adorned in.

For many Latin families, it is a tradition for abuela to make the christening gown or to resurrect yours or your husband’s gown from your own christenings, if they are still available, for your child to wear. These heirlooms are often passed down through the generations, and it is a wonderful and time-honored tradition that still thrives today. The best baby outfit for your child’s christening or baptism is one made with love.

If for some reason it’s impractical or impossible to dress your baby in a handmade baby outfit sewn by your own mothers’ loving hands, consider the possibility of online baby boutiques for christening apparel. There are a myriad of choices available to you via the Internet in almost any price range for you to choose from right now by simply typing in the keywords “christening gowns” in any search engine. Although most offer free shipping, be sure to check their policies for returns if for some reason it doesn’t fit or it doesn’t meet your expectations.

If your motto is, “Only the best for my child,” and it’s within your budget, you can purchase haute couture for your infant in the form of designer duds for the little ones. Currently, designers like Laura Ashley and others can provide you with the ultimate baptismal baby outfit if you’re willing to part with the cash for this one-time event. If you’re planning a large family and you take proper care of the gown, it will probably pay for itself over the years and end up being a very good investment.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread and it would mean more to you to make it yourself or you’d just like to save the money, there are some wonderful and easy-to-follow patterns you can purchase to make your child’s baptismal baby outfit. Even if you’re not so handy with a needle and thread or you’re absolutely clueless as to where to begin, there are sites that can guide you throughout the entire process if you’re bound and determined to go it alone and do it yourself. All you’ll need is a little faith.