Don’t distort immigration

Opponents of immigration reform are trying to do whatever they can to derail it. The latest case in point is the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing policy institute that recently released a flawed and erroneous study about the cost of immigration reform.

The authors of the study estimate that the fiscal cost to U.S. taxpayers of an overhaul that includes a path to citizenship would be $6.3 trillion.

The numbers don’t add up. Among many erroneous claims, the study fails to add individual immigrants and only counts households to its methodology. It also ignores the many changes to the border security, which would lower the number of immigrants coming in to the United States. Finally, the Congressional Budget Office in contrast with the study, found that fixing the current immigration system would help the economy grow.

But the real point of this study is to cause uncertainty and generate false alarm. The political agenda disguised in this “study” is an attempt to distract from the overwhelming support that exists today for an overdue overhaul of our immigration system.

While some organizations have highlight the Heritage report, a large number of organizations on the right and GOP leaders sharply criticized the information in it and agenda.

That we are on the eve of immigration reform speaks volumes about how the nation has moved the dial on this issue. The fact that the majority of conservatives are discrediting a study published by one of their traditional “think tanks” proves this.

Many reports, figures, statistics and studies are expected to be released in upcoming months and they will reflect different points of view. Let’s make sure they provide accurate information and avoid confusion on immigration issues that touch millions of lives.