5 simple energy boosters

Everyone needs an energy boost once and a while, and if you’re not ready to reach for can after can of energy drinks you’ll be…
5 simple energy boosters

Going outside is a great natural energy booster. (Shutterstock)

Everyone needs an energy boost once and a while, and if you’re not ready to reach for can after can of energy drinks you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of other ways to feel like yourself again. Energy boosters don’t have to be things you consume; in fact, you might be surprised what simple adjustments you can make to banish fatigue.

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5 simple energy boosters

Get rid of the negative: Want to improve your energy almost instantly? Avoid those friends and family members who seem to always be emotionally draining. While it may not seem like listening to others’ problems expends much energy, it is the mental fatigue that will eventually lead to physical exhaustion. Surround yourself with happy people and you will find your energy level is drastically improved.

Try some golden root: According to researcher Klaus Ferlow, golden root is “probably the least known adaptogen in the West, and yet the most impressive of all and in several double blind clinical trials with placebo controls provide strong evidence that the extract possesses positive mood enhancing and anti-stress properties…The extract has been shown to have a positive influence on the higher nervous system, it does increase attention span, memory, improves mental stability and primarily enhances the qualitative indicators of performed work by increases strength and mobility. Reducing stress is one of the easiest energy boosters.

Get up and go outside: Psychology Today reports that getting up ad going outside boosts energy, not only because you are up and moving, but because daylight itself is considered invigorating. Research has found that going for a ten-minute walk can boost energy for up to two hours after.

Listen to upbeat music: Have a song that always makes you feel pumped up? When you’re feeling lethargic, put on some motivational music. Research suggests music with a march-like rhythm is most effective.

Eat breakfast daily: If you need energy boosters in the morning, make sure you aren’t skipping breakfast. Your body has gone all night without calories, and missing out on a morning meal will make you feel tired until you hit the noon hour. Skip the caffeinated beverages as a breakfast substitute; if you’re short on time, keep a box of breakfast bars in the car for your work commute.

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