Bonafide Provisions Founders Launch New Cookbook: “Healing Bone Broth Recipes”

Clinical Nutritionist Sharon Brown and Professional Chef Reb Brown
Deliver Collection of Unique Family Recipes to Nourish the Body with
1,000 Year-Old Superfood

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#BonafideProvisions–Sharon Brown brings the restorative powers of bone broth to the culinary
forefront with the launch of her first cookbook: Healing
Bone Broth Recipes
Street Publishing Co., May 3, 2016), co-authored with professional chef,
and husband, Reb Brown. A clinical nutritionist and certified GAPS
Practitioner (Gut and Psychology Syndrome or GAPS establishes a
connection between the functions of the digestive system and the brain),
Sharon Brown lends a wealth of holistic health knowledge to the
collection of recipes, combined with Reb Brown’s decades of culinary
experience. The result is a library of creative, nutrient dense and
diverse recipes, including healing breakfasts, nourishing sides and
starters, soups, comfort foods and delicious main dishes – demonstrating
the limitless possibilities of cooking with bone broth, a restorative
beverage, rich in minerals, nutrients, collagen and amino acids and
known for its incredible healing properties. The Browns also
reveal recipes for their nationwide bestselling bone broth, Bonafide

“A 1,000-year-old trend and the cornerstone of my nutrition practice,
bone broth has been used for centuries in cultures across the world to
heal and nourish people’s bodies and is the key to my client’s success
in their wellness journeys,” said author and clinical nutritionist
Sharon Brown. “We’re excited to celebrate this time-honored superfood
and offer easy and delicious ways for people to use bone broth in their
meals on a daily basis. Our recipes stem from years of cooking with bone
broth in our home kitchen, serving as testament to the versatility of
bone broth and the fact that real nutrition and whole food-based meals
can be both rich in vital nutrients and full of flavor.”

Healing Bone Broth Recipes features more than 90 recipes showing
readers how to easily incorporate bone broth into delicious and
unexpected dishes, from Savory Bone Broth Waffles to Filet
Mignon with Bone Broth Port Wine Reduction.
For those looking to
consume bone broth for the deepest and most restorative results, the
book also includes Sharon Brown’s custom 6-week bone broth clearing
program. Adapted from the GAPS program, the clearing program has been
used in Brown’s nutrition practice with thousands of patients across the
country to aid in resetting the digestive system and to reverse the
symptoms of a wide range of gastrointestinal issues. The easy-to-follow
yet comprehensive program includes a guide to ridding the home of toxic
food and products, from the pantry to the laundry room, a list of the
most nutritious herbs and spices to keep on hand, tips on journaling to
track daily progress, and a seven-day meal plan to kick-start the
wellness journey and empower readers to take charge of their health.

Healing Bone Broth Recipes is available now for pre-order on,
launching May 3 online and in Barnes & Noble and Costco stores

Praise for Healing Bone Broth Recipes:

“This essential go-to resource provides a library of creative, delicious
recipes for anyone looking to get more of this timeless staple into each
and every meal.”
―Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint and
publisher of

“A fascinating collection of original and time-honored recipes that
shines a bright light on a food group most Americans completely lack:
bone broth.”
―Dr. Cate Shanahan MD, author of Deep Nutrition,
nutritionist for the LA Lakers

“I love Healing Bone Broth Recipes. There is probably no single
traditional food more important for restoring health in general, and
digestion specifically, than bone broth and this resource makes meals
both healthy and delicious.”
―Gray L. Graham, author of Pottenger’s
Founder and President of The Nutritional Therapy
Association, Inc.

About Bonafide Provisions

(formerly Real Bone Broth) is the pioneer of frozen,
organic bone broth, designed to provide restorative, drinkable
nourishment for the journey of life. The first USDA Organic, frozen
broth on the market, Bonafide Provisions is available in two flavors,
Pasture Raised Chicken and Grass Fed Beef, and is frozen immediately
after preparation to maintain nutritional integrity. Best enjoyed when
sipped warm, the broth offers 12-14 grams of protein per serving, amino
acids, gelatin and easily digestible minerals to support health and
vitality. Created by Sharon Brown, a nutritionist and certified GAPS
practitioner, together with her husband Reb, a professionally trained
chef and her niece Alexandra, a nutritional therapist and CrossFit
coach, Bonafide Provisions adheres to the time honored tradition of slow
cooked, handcrafted, small batch, broth to ensure the highest quality.
Bonafide Provisions takes special care in sourcing the highest quality
meats, vegetables and spices and supports organic farms and ranchers
through the Rooted Farm Collective. Learn more at
and Facebook,
and Instagram.

Bonafide Provisions is available in natural and traditional
grocers nationwide, including Whole Foods Market. For more information


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