Entrepreneurial Siblings Make Lashes a Family Business and Grow Brand from Coast to Coast

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amazing Lash Studio, franchisor of the revolutionary eyelash extension
concept, is something of a family-owned business for four siblings in
the Mok family. Oldest son William and wife Crystal, brother John with
wife Janet, and sisters Diana Schaeffer and Theresa Shay with their
respective husbands Mark and Ray, are all franchisees of this
first-to-market concept.

Children of Chinese immigrant parents who survived war, famine and fear
and raised five children know their parents set a true foundation of
hard work they passed onto each one. Patriarch James Leung Mok came to
America, served in the Army, and received his GED and U.S. Citizenship.
He earned a chemical engineering degree and while on a trip back to Hong
Kong met Helen and shared 50 years together before her passing. “Family
was everything to my parents,” says John. “My father worked three jobs
so we could live in a comfortable home and attend Catholic schools. He
is still the hardest working man we know and, at the age of 78, attained
a lifelong dream and opened a restaurant in Southern California.”

“The Mok family roots, like mine, come from across the world,” states
Co-Founder and CEO Edward Le. “Building a business can be all
encompassing and consuming. For a family to share that passion with
Amazing Lash Studio is a testament to the strength of the brand.”

The backgrounds of the siblings are diverse and coming together for this
concept happened on a family vacation just a year ago. John and Janet,
whose studio is located in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and who will be opening
up a second in Wayne, NJ, are successful franchisees with European
Wax Center
; John shared this new concept he was looking into with
his siblings. Diana, with a studio in Rockaway, New Jersey, operates a
company that manufactures devices used by the military, and was excited
by the business model and was in. “In military jargon, it’s like a coup.
We have been called ‘MokNet,’ and this experience has helped us grow
together, and I feel fortunate to share this with my brothers and
sister,” says Diana. William and Crystal are opening their location in
Stamford, Connecticut. Having always worked in the corporate
environment, they were ready for a change. “We wanted to create some
financial independence, and after much research, this concept seemed a
perfect fit,” says William. “This common bond allows us to share best
practices and give each other guidance as if it were a true family-owned
business.” Jokingly adding, “We also discuss how each of our studios
will beat out the other to become the number one Amazing Lash Studio

Theresa is the only sibling not located on the east coast. Her Amazing
Lash Studio is across the country in San Diego, and she will be opening
up two additional studios in the area. She had worked in corporate
America and currently owns a real estate company with Ray and was
looking at other opportunities. “We are excited to get in this great
company that is still early on in its growth,” says Theresa. “Our
holidays and vacations together have become owners’ meetings. But I am
so happy to be working with my siblings, and reminding them that my Lash
Studio is outperforming theirs,” she says with a youngest child grin.

One additional brother, Dennis, is not a franchisee but supports all his
siblings. “Who would have thought eyelashes would be a topic of
conversation at family get-togethers,” Dennis says.

“We could not be more excited to have such a dynamic family representing
and building our brand,” states COO Heather Elrod.

What does the future hold for this entrepreneurial family? “This journey
with Amazing Lash Studio has been fun and has bonded us further as a
family,” says Janet. “We are excited to make our clients look beautiful,
grow our studios and support each other. Family is truly what it is all

About Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio was founded in 2010 by Edward and Jessica Le, with
the vision to create excellence and affordability in the eyelash
extension industry. Amazing Lash Studios are retail salons that apply
semi-permanent eyelash extensions with a proprietary, patented process
to the clients’ own lashes, replicating the curve and size of natural
lashes. The concept began franchising in 2013 and to date has 95 open
studios and 213 sold in 17 states and has recently earned the rank of
#64 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top New Franchisees.

For additional information go to amazinglashstudio.com.


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