The example of Solalinde

Mexican Reverend Alejandro Solalinde is an emblem of the Pastoral of Human Mobility, and the high visibility he has obtained lately is a positive factor so he can continue to protect undocumented migrants who arrive in Mexico.

The priest became renowned thanks to his efforts to protect immigrants from criminals, while his courage to denounce injustice won him supporters and enemies. Because of his social commitment, Solalinde became one of the emblematic figures of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity. As a result, his life was threatened, leading him to a brief exile in the U.S.

Now, upon his return to the Hermanos en el Camino shelter, Solalinde found out that the bishop of Tehuantepec intends to remove him from the shelter he founded five years ago. When the priest made this known, Bishop Oscar Campos said that was not the intention, although he left the possibility of an ouster from the shelter up to his board of directors, which reports to the bishop.

Defending immigrants plays a major role in the social doctrine of the church, as the Latino community in the U.S. has seen.

In southern Mexico, Solalinde protects the undocumented from abuse by the authorities and crime.

Recently, those in the neighboring country have become aware of the contradiction of clamoring for rights and protection for Mexican undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and not doing the same for Central Americans who come into Mexico.

Mexico, Latin America and the world need more Solalindes. There is an urgent need for more men and women who are committed to others like this priest.

The paths of his ministry have led him to become a public figure. We think this should benefit the defense of immigrants, and that human trivialities such as resentment and envy should not be obstacles. In the end, testimony from people like Solalinde is the best public relations in front of the faithful that Mexico’s Catholic church can have. His work should not be impaired.

Impremedia/La Opinión