Gratitude for the Latino voter

Gratitude for the Latino voter

The growth of the Latino community in population and geograph,y and the importance of this phenomenon in terms of political power, has been discussed long before this election. Yet today, we want to recognize and give thanks for the civic consciousness and political awareness exhibited by our community in this past election.

This is not meant just for the majority who voted for President Obama, but rather, for all Latino voters, naturalized or native- born. We appreciate all those Democrats, Republicans and Independents who, with their vote on November 6, shook the nation.

Demographic shifts have been generating political changes district by district, city by city, for some time. Now, its impact is state by state. This election confirmed that the presence of the Latino vote is now a major force in national politics and it cannot be ignored.

Given the Electoral College system, the political shifting of states in one of the most significant events in a campaign strategy. It will no longer be enough to try to discourage individual Latinos from registering their frustration with a particular candidate in the voting booth. Now it is clear that if a candidate wants this community’s support, Latino priorities must be taken into account proactively. This is no longer a second-class voter.

That is why we also want to express our gratitude today to all of those individuals who are working tirelessly day after day to help push citizenship, to register voters and to mobilize the electorate so all voices can be heard.

We have consistently promoted the responsibility of citizens to be informed about the issues that affect those who live in our city, state and country. We have encouraged active participation in the political process, by legal residents who become citizens who become voters.

We are so thankful to the Latino community and its voters. Through their actions they have demonstrated that in California as well as across the country, we don’t have a sleeping giant but rather an alert electorate ready to fully participate in the political process. Thank you!