Fall Prevention Strategies Continue to be Top of Mind for Americans

2015 White House Conference on Aging Identifies Falls as Critical
Issue, BrightStar Care Leads the Cause to Educate on Reducing Risks for
Older Adults

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The 2015 White House Conference on Aging marked the 50th
anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Older Americans Act, sparking
conversation on how to tackle various issues surrounding aging
Americans. One of these issues was fall prevention, an important
component to Healthy Aging, which was one of the four major themes of
the conference.

As National Fall Prevention Awareness month (September) approaches, BrightStar
, a national home care franchise with more than 280 locations
that provide medical and non-medical care to patients from infants to
elders, is seeking to educate Americans on risk factors that can
contribute to these deadly falls. BrightStar Care is actively providing
educational advice on fall prevention and working as a clinical ally to
both clients and families looking to identify a loved one’s risk of

After being awarded the Joint Commission’s 2015 Enterprise Champion for
Quality Care award for the third year in a row, BrightStar Care
continues to validate their commitment to providing high quality in-home
care backed by the highest clinical standards. In addition to their
delivery of quality, compassionate in-home care services, BrightStar
Care is following the lead of the 2015 National Falls Prevention Plan
crafted at the White House Conference on Aging by providing expert tips
and advice to help families reduce the risk of their loved one falling.

With one out of three adults aged 65 and over suffering a fall each
year, Sharon Roth Maguire, MS, RN, GNP-BC, Chief Clinical Quality
Officer of BrightStar Care, offers the following preventative measures
that seniors and their families can take to actively combat the main
causes of falling amongst seniors:

  • Take the proper home safety measures and modifications to reduce home
    hazards that may attribute to falls

    • Store important items in lower shelves/cabinets
    • Clear all cords and wires out hallways and doorways
    • Install ramps or sturdy handrails on indoor/outdoor staircases
    • Install handrails and non-slip mats in the bathroom
  • Be educated on both the prescription and nonprescription medication
    that a loved one is taking

    • Falling is a common adverse effect of some medications
    • Be sure to ask your pharmacist if medications associated with
      falls can be reduced or switched to a safer alternative
  • Shift educational messages on falling to be positive and focused on
    healthy living/wellness

    • Promote physical mobility and exercise to both support independent
      living and reduce falling
  • Make sure to have the proper help

    • Certain chronic conditions, such as Parkinson’s or heart disease,
      can increase the risk of falling. Make sure a loved one is
      properly cared for and that their treatment plans are being

BrightStar Care locations nationwide are committed to meeting National
Patient Safety Goals around fall prevention. As part of their
comprehensive approach to reducing the likelihood of clients
experiencing a fall and promoting overall wellness, a BrightStar Care
Registered Nurse performs an evaluation of fall risk during initial and
subsequent in-home health assessments for every client. Proactive
measures to address fall risk are then incorporated into personalized
plans of care to promote safety in addition to addressing the specific
care needs of each client.

For more information on fall prevention, visit BrightStar Care’s “Focus
on Falls”
page. To find helpful tips, videos, blog articles and
downloads geared toward helping families to mobilize around fall
prevention, please see the Elderly
Fall Resource Center

For more information about BrightStar Care, please visit www.brightstarcare.com.

About BrightStar Care

Based in Chicago, BrightStar Care is a national private duty home care
and medical staffing franchise with more than 280 locations that can
provide medical and non-medical services to clients within their homes,
as well as supplemental care staff to corporate clients. BrightStar Care
professional nurses and caregivers deliver expert, compassionate, and
personal care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each BrightStar Care
location is required to pursue Joint Commission Accreditation.
BrightStar Care received The Joint Commission’s Enterprise Champion for
Quality award in 2013, 2014, and 2015, and is committed to having each
of its agencies comply with Joint Commission standards. BrightStar Care
uses the nationally known patient satisfaction survey company Press
Ganey to measure client satisfaction and is proud that nine out of 10
clients would recommend BrightStar Care to a friend or family member.
For more information on BrightStar Care please visit brightstarcare.com;
to find out more about BrightStar Franchising, visit www.brightstarfranchise.com.


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