GEICO teams up with Junior Achievement in support of Georgia’s future business leaders

MACON, Ga.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GEICO associates have teamed up with local students and Junior
Achievement (JA) of Georgia for the 13th year in a row to
help plant the seed that it’s never too early to start planning for your
future. GEICO associates recently volunteered to spend a week inside the
classrooms of Burdell-Hunt Elementary School to get down to business.
They talked with students first-hand about the economy, how people can
impact their communities and what it takes to make real contributions.

“It is refreshing to see the students so engaged and eager to work with
the volunteers,” said GEICO salvage supervisor Katherine Griffis.
“During our time together we are able to build on what they have been
learning and reinforce how it applies in the real world. We all had a
lot of fun.”

Griffis is a former elementary school teacher and has volunteered
through the JA program for the past five years. “GEICO’s partnership
with JA of Georgia gives me the opportunity to flex my ‘teacher
muscles,'” shares Griffis. “Using what I have learned throughout my
career as well as personal life experiences, I am able to connect with
students in a meaningful way.”

Griffis began her career with GEICO as an entry-level associate and has
since climbed the ranks to a supervisor role. Her transition from the
education field to the insurance industry can be used as a tool to
inspire the students. “I’m not doing what I dreamt of at their age, but
because I took a leap of faith to try something new I am now happier in
my career than I have ever been,” said Griffis. “This is why I encourage
the younger generation to stay in school, pursue their passions and
always be open to different possibilities.”

GEICO associates have mentored more than 7,500 students at Burdell-Hunt
Elementary School since beginning its partnership with JA of Georgia.
“We are looking forward to continue working with JA and Burdell-Hunt
Elementary School in support of the next generation of business
leaders,” said Rhett Rayburn, Macon’s regional vice president.

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