Health4Me Mobile App Now Provides Consumers With Personalized Care Updates to Help Them Make More Informed Health Decisions

  • Secure mobile app for iPhone and Android devices automatically
    sends “care notifications” to UnitedHealthcare plan participants if
    they are missing important medical treatments or tests
  • New capability designed to help people better follow
    evidence-based treatment guidelines, enabling them to get a notice,
    search for a health care provider and schedule an appointment for
  • Other new Health4Me features include fingerprint-enabled sign-in
    and medication management capabilities, helping people check drug
    costs while at the doctor’s office and refill prescriptions

MINNETONKA, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UnitedHealthcare’s mobile
app Health4Me™
now offers several new features including
personalized care notifications that automatically alert
UnitedHealthcare plan participants about preventive services and if they
are missing recommended medical treatments or tests. The app provides a
message alert if the user or a covered dependent has missed a
recommended medical service, such as an immunization for a child or a
blood-sugar test for a diabetic, and enables people to search for health
care providers and then schedule appointments to obtain the necessary

The personalized care notifications are now providing preventive alerts
to select UnitedHealthcare plan participants nationwide, including
Medicaid beneficiaries in 17 states. Clinically focused notifications
based on personalized claims data, such as alerts for prenatal care and
support programs for people with back pain, will be introduced later
this year. The notifications are based on evidence-based and medical
specialty society standards.

As Americans head into open enrollment season, online and mobile
resources are becoming increasingly important to help people navigate
the health care system and simplify their health care experience.
Sixty-five percent of consumers are interested in using a health plan’s
website or app to access a physician, and 53 percent are interested in
receiving symptom-based treatment suggestions, according to research
firm Forrester.

is designed to help all consumers make more informed decisions about
their care, and anyone can access a guest version of the app to identify
local health care providers and comparison shop for care based on
quality and cost.

New Health4Me features for UnitedHealthcare plan participants include:

  • personalized care notifications that automatically alert plan
    participants if they are missing recommended medical services,
    including preventive care reminders, lab tests and immunizations;
  • medication management capabilities that enable people to search for
    pharmacies and estimate drug costs while still at the doctor’s office,
    refill medications, review prescription claims; and
  • several new features make it more convenient for people to access and
    use their health benefits, including fingerprint-enabled sign-in
    (TouchID), ApplePay to enable people to pay medical bills, and a
    button on the app’s main page to help users connect directly with a
    UnitedHealthcare customer service representative.

“Health4Me helps me better use my health benefits and improve my overall
well-being,” said Kristina Barbuto, a Health4Me user in Oak Ridge, Tenn.
“The navigation is easy and streamlined, making it simple for me to
learn more about my treatment options and costs, and make the most of my
health benefits.”

The latest enhancements build on the success of Health4Me, which is
available to all consumers on iPhone® and Android®
devices and has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its
introduction in 2012. The app enables anyone to locate nearby health
care providers, and convenience care, urgent care and emergency care
facilities, as well as review market average prices for more than 875
medical services across nearly 600 episodes of care, providing a view of
what consumers may expect throughout their course of treatment. For
UnitedHealthcare plan participants, the estimates take into account a
user’s real-time account balances, when applicable, and are based on
actual contracted rates with care providers.

There are significant price variations for health care services and
procedures at hospitals and doctors’ offices nationwide, even though
there is little or no corresponding improvement in health outcomes for
services performed by higher-priced care providers. For example, the
total cost for an uncomplicated childbirth, including prenatal and
postnatal care, at hospitals in the New York City area ranges between
$9,699 and $29,076. For back surgery, specifically lumbar fusion, the
cost ranges from $59,090 to $77,390 at area health care facilities in
San Francisco. Other cities show similarly widespread variation by

“Health4Me helps consumers conveniently manage their care, more easily
navigate the health system and make more informed choices while at home
or on the go,” said Sam Ho, M.D., chief medical officer,
UnitedHealthcare. “By using technology to help people understand their
care options and notify them if they are missing beneficial treatments
or preventive care services, we are helping people take charge of their
health and make more informed decisions about their care.”

Other features available on Health4Me include the ability to pay medical
bills with a credit card, debit card, bank account or health savings
account; access to a nurse or virtual physician visits 24 hours a day; a
digital identification card; and wellness-related resources such as
integration with wearable devices.

Health4Me is available to UnitedHealthcare employer customers of all
sizes and their employees. The Medicaid version is available to
beneficiaries in 17 states1.

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1 The availability and applicability of features may vary
based on the member’s health plan.

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