HireAthena Emerges from Stealth, Launches On-Demand Labor Marketplace

Spun Out of BackOps & Scalus, Newly Formed Company Solves Accounting,
Payroll & HR Operations

Backed by Google Ventures & Sherpa Capital, Powered by Work-from-Home

an on-demand labor marketplace offering accounting, payroll and HR
services, today officially launched out of stealth. HireAthena is a
spinoff of BackOps and Scalus, and is backed by Sherpa Capital, Google
Ventures, e.ventures, DCVC, Crunchfund and high-profile angel investors
including Naval Ravikant, Max Levchin, and Mark Pincus.

Six years ago with a mission of bringing one-million Moms back into the
labor force, former Wall Street trader turned CFO turned CEO Kristen Koh
Goldstein, mom of three, realized a modern workflow platform could not
only solve the time and cost issues associated with business task
management, but could also bring thousands of talented Moms and Dads
back to work—talented, superstar employees from top accounting firms
including Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and others. The
foundation for HireAthena was built, and today, a new kind of platform
goes live.

HireAthena offers accounting and HR services that include bookkeeping,
monthly financials, finance, payroll, and tax with a remote workforce
and top-tier partners. The San Francisco-based startup provides an
all-in-one platform with an executive dashboard to help run a business
and keep accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll at your fingertips, all
while helping entrepreneurs, non-profits, and local business owners by
matching them with stay-at-home talent.

The Labor Marketplace of the Future

Technology clearly differentiates the HireAthena marketplace. Leveraging
the Scalus software platform, HireAthena enables rapid on-boarding of
remote employees, standardized quality, and full audit compliance.
Automated services and operations that are fully compliant empower
progressive thinking businesses with a cost efficient solution to what
can otherwise be an expensive and opaque part of business—reconciling
bills from CPAs, accountants, software vendors, and others.

“When I realized the technology was finally ready to support a
marketplace of remote accounting professionals—with all data in the
cloud and video conference for communication—I realized we could tap
into a huge labor pool of highly educated and credentialed moms who need
flexibility in their life,” said Founder and CEO Kristen Koh Goldstein.
“We rolled out this model in 2013 but quickly hit a scaling wall and
doubled down our technology investment. Today HireAthena is leveraging
the Scalus workflow platform to solve the labor marketplace problem in a
whole new way.”

Executive feedback on HireAthena

“HireAthena allows us to focus on what we do best,” said Naval Ravikant,
CEO, AngelList.
“I trust them.”

“HireAthena has allowed our business to scale rapidly and efficiently,”
said Claude Calegari, Vice President of Finance at Womply.
“They have been our partner during 600% growth and easily supported a
full financial audit.”

“HireAthena is a true partner to us,” said Matthew Welch, COO, SASB.
“They provide non-profit accounting expertise and led us through several
successful audits. We couldn’t afford this level of talent in-house.”

“We take pride and care in offering best-of-breed technology solutions,
best practice, and savings to our start-ups. Our partnership with
HireAthena 100 percent embodies this philosophy,” said Ryan Keating,
Managing Partner, Keating
Consulting Group
. “We’re working closely with HireAthena to provide
a technology rich back office solution that allows us to streamline
monthly accounting and focus on finance, growth, and other strategic

HireAthena is available today—sign up for a consultation or speak to one
of our team members at (855) 223-9293.

About HireAthena

HireAthena is an on-demand labor marketplace focused on accounting,
payroll and HR. The company is bringing together the best work-from-home
talent with industry-leading workflow software. Today the company
delivers accounting and HR services to startups, non-profits, and small
to midsize businesses. Hundreds of companies have chosen HireAthena to
run their business. The company has a social mission to bring one
million moms back to work. To learn more, visit HireAthena.com.


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