Study Reveals Millennials Crave Calories and Craft Beer on Super Sunday

IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MFour Mobile Research, the leader in mobile market research, surveyed
1,000 Americans about how they plan to eat, drink, socialize, and watch
Super Bowl Sunday. The study particularly looks into how Millennials
differ from their elders as we head into Super Bowl weekend. Findings

  • It’s not necessarily about the game
    41% of respondents
    said that watching the commercials appeals to them more than the game
  • For Millennials, watching is more likely to be a social occasion
    parties will attract 45% in the 21-to-34 group, compared to 34.6% of
    those 35 to 70. Surveyed Millennial viewers will be nearly twice as
    likely to watch from a restaurant or bar – 13.4% to 7.4%.
  • It will be a Super Sunday for craft beers
    35.6% of
    surveyed Millennials listed craft beers as a preferred drink for Super
    Sunday, compared to 24% of older respondents. Overall, 30% of
    respondents listed craft beers as a preferred drink, just behind 32.2%
    for regular beers.
  • The generations agree about taking a holiday from healthy eating on
    Super Sunday

    87.2% of Millennials and 83.4% of 35-and-overs
    surveyed plan to indulge in “unhealthier-but-tasty snacks” instead of
    “healthier” foods.
  • The youngest group of surveyed Millennials appears to be less
    invested in pro football

    Among the 21- to 25-year-old group,
    23.6% identified as “rabid” NFL fans, compared to 28.2% of Millennials
    ages 26 to 34. More of the 21-to-25 group described themselves as
    “weak” fans (18.5% vs. 15.4%) or “not a fan at all” (8.2% vs. 4.9%).

The study was conducted Jan. 30, generating 1,000 validated,
demographically representative responses from panelists who took surveys
strictly on mobile devices. Half of the respondents were ages 21-34, and
half were 35-70. Full data can be accessed by clicking
. Sign in using ID: Super Bowl and Password: Super Bowl Survey.

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