Where to buy discount cosmetics and save money

When the mascara tube is feeling empty or your eyeliner pencil is down to a nub, do you run to the makeup counter at your favorite department store?

Where to buy discount cosmetics and save money. Here's where to find the best deals.
Where to buy discount cosmetics and save money. Here's where to find the best deals.
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Stop! You can get the same name-brand beauty supplies from other sources. Want discount cosmetics? Here’s where to find the best deals.

Shop online

Use the Internet the find the best bargains and selection for darker and olive skin tones. Search online drug stores and the cosmetic manufacturer’s website. Online retailers often carry more colors and formulas than retail store shelves. Since the makeup is shipping from a warehouse, the company can offer the product for a bit cheaper. (There’s no retail store to operate.)

If the cost of the product doesn’t look any cheaper online, sign up for the website’s email list. In no time, you’ll have discount offers flooding your email box. Look for percentage-off sales, free shipping, and buy-one get-one free offers for your favorite products.

Discount stores

Look to the most economical stores for some great makeup buys. Dollar stores and deep discount stores buy in bulk and then pass the savings on to you. Although the selection rotates and won’t be the same from week to week, you can stock up on discount cosmetics at a low cost.

Check discount stores during the holidays when they increase inventory. Cosmetic kits are hot buys for stocking stuffers and women of all ages. Then, after the holidays, check the stores again for clearance prices on makeup in holiday-specific packaging.

Big box stores

Many stores offer discount cosmetics. Next time you’re at a major retailer that offers a little of everything, look at the cosmetics department. Shop the sales and ask if there’s a shelf of discounted products. Items are clearanced when the manufacturer changes the packaging, the store re-sets the display, or the product is being discontinued. Stock up on these bargains!

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