Scott Stringer for Comptroller

As Manhattan Borough President, Scott Stringer has delivered on goals he set out to accomplish — for example, restructuring community boards so they are more merit than connections based. He has monitored city services and issued a report on elevator inspections. This may sound minor but to the thousands of residents in public housing who need an advocate, it was critical.

Months ago, there was no race for New York City Comptroller and Stringer was expected to slide into this office. That is, until Eliot Spitzer tossed in his hat.

This competition has been for the better. It forced a coasting Stringer to run a real campaign. It has allowed a deeply flawed competitor to remind people about some of his visionary work – from identifying problems with stop and frisk long before many politicians challenged it, to advocating for driver’s licenses for undocumented persons.

It is that kind of bold leadership that we need in elected office – someone who will push the envelope for vulnerable communities.

But while Spitzer is bold, he lacks that which is essential — to bring people to the table and work with them — a skill that is Stringer’s strong suit.

The comptroller manages pension funds and has to work with dozens of trustees. The comptroller is also charged with investigating the city’s financial matters and detecting waste and fraud. Stringer has committed to auditing commitments made by developers, who are often allowed off the hook, and making that information public. He would also evaluate the educational progress of English Language Learners, meaning an in-depth look at not only outcomes but also the resources dedicated to these students.

Stringer backed the Bloomberg-orchestrated overthrow of term limits, which this paper highly criticized as undemocratic. As someone bidding for a major citywide office, this has given us pause, but we endorse Stringer in this race because we think he can be a good comptroller.