Prisoners of a lack of conscience

What happened last Thursday with the downing of a passenger jet in Ukraine is a warning call for the world at large.

If the 9/11 terrorist attacks changed the way members of society connect with one another, and especially, the way we move around, the cowardly attack on the Malaysia Airlines plane leaves us orphaned, victims of the fear and insecurity of day-to-day life.

Who could say that flying is safer now? Who could have anticipated that a simple passenger plane carrying 80 children and a group of notable scientists would become the scapegoat for a conflict that threatens to destabilize the entire world?

Russia is playing with fire. Its support of Ukrainian rebels, who seek annexation of their land to Vladimir Putin’s government, could trigger a chain reaction that could make the whole world prisoners of a lack of conscience. All evidence points to the fact that the pro-Russian separatists had no justification, but simply fired on flight MH-17 to attract international attention.

Barack Obama’s government, to a larger extent, and the European Union, somewhat less, have started imposing trade sanctions against Putin, so he acts to further peace in Ukraine and stops supporting the rebels.

Putin’s response has not been satisfactory. All indications are that the pro-Russians are being armed by the former Soviets and have artillery capable of attacking civil society, not only of Ukraine, but of the rest of the world as well.

Now is the time for the world to respond forcefully. We have to demand a thorough investigation. Those guilty of downing the jet must be brought to justice, and the safe passage of aircraft must be guaranteed.

There is no longer any place in this world for such nonsense